Thursday, 4 August 2011

Gaeilge san aerfort

Ring-ring, ring-ring!
'am I speaking to Réaltán'
'you are'
'this is Immigration Services here'
'ah yes, I'm here in the Arrivals Hall, waiting for friends. I assume that's why you're calling?'
'Yes. Could you tell me who they are and how you know them?'
'Certainly. I met Greice several years ago on a course for Spanish teachers in Spain. We both teach Spanish.'
'I see. And where do you teach Spanish? '
'For the last few years I have been lecturing in Queen's in Belfast, but I live in Dublin. Don't ask!'
'Uh-huh. And her husband?'
'Fernando? I've never met him. He was back home in Brazil. And the baby wasn't born yet.'
'I see. And where will they be staying?'
'With me. In ** **** ******, my home.'
'And where are you from?'
'Where are you from?'
'Originally? Belfast....'
'Belfast? But your name..'
'My name?'...titeann an phingin...'is Irish. Not Portuguese. 'Ní' is Irish.'
'Oh...they'll be out to you now.'
Deireadh comhrá.


  1. Ábhar clamhsáin oifigiúil? Drong dána iad INIS. Níor mhaith liom an craiceann mícheart a bheith agam agus mé ag plé leo.

  2. creidim gur sin an fáth go raibh siad mo cheistiú. Ta Greice geal go leor, agus an tachrán, ach bhí Fernando breá dorcha.